Friday, June 5, 2009

Schlage LiNk - Security Systems

The article I found on is entitled: "Blackberyy at CES: Bye-bye keys! Unlock Doors remotely via Blackberry with Schlage LiNk." published January 10, 2009

A company has introduced a new technology called Schlage LiNk, which is a product that will allow you to remotely control the entrance to your home/property. It will monitor who enters and exits the property by monitoring and controlling access via the regular key lock. It will send text messages and alerts to you mobile phone/ devices or even computers to alert you when it is being activated. You can open the door from remote locations. It is already receiving mixed reviews. Some are valid to me and some are others showing their own paranoia in the use of new technology. On Youtube there is even a video to promote and discuss the product. Check it out !

What I found to be most useful is the monitoring of the device and how it will send you a message indicating that someone has entered the property. This can be great in making sure your dependent children have arrived home safely, technicians or housekeepers are entering during the right times. It can be (almost like) a remote wireless timelock for employees as well. Some of the negative comments that have been written indicated that they are not sure that the supplier has worked out all the 'bugs', some even stated that it did not work at all. Some have written that it is a great product and has 'put their minds at ease' to know when their property was being entered.

Others complained that it was too much for the average consumer - they also said it was too expensive. What I found to be interesting in the whole product concept of the Schlage LiNk, is that it is an innovative idea and the overall enhancement of personal safety. It's a technology watchdog and for the most part if used in the best interest and protection of self and property - I feel it will be a worthwhile investment. It can be found of course online but also at Loews, Home Depot and most hardware / electronic stores. I think we should give it a chance first before we denounce its worth !!! Check it out !

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