Monday, June 8, 2009

Juniper: First Mover Advantage?

Before the end of 2009, trials of the first 100 Gigabit Ethernet router will become available via Juniper.  The 100 Gigabit Ethernet router is an interface for Juniper’s T1600 core router to help increase the magnitude to the already available 10Gbps interfaces today.  The news of this new technology was released today, in an article at, while it will be showcased during this week at Interop Tokyo.  The article can be found at  

Juniper states that the new interface is needed because of the growth in network traffic, video communications, advanced wireless services and virtualized cloud computing.  With this new technology, service providers will be able to reduce their number of interfaces that are required by their networks while also simplifying their topologies.  It seems as though this new technology will seemingly provide service providers with a more efficient system that will be able to enhance their operational efficiencies.  Juniper claims that the 100 Gigabit Ethernet router will “alleviate running multiple fiber optic cables and ease the inefficient operations and management of link aggregation.”  

With the use of new technology comes difficulties in connections and compatibilities with other providers and interfaces, but Juniper’s new interface is a network-facing module.  This means that the interface will be able to connect to other Juniper T1600s.  They will be able to connect through a service provider core instead of edge routers delivering services to customers.   The logistics of Junipers new interface model as seemingly more efficient.  The new interface will implement CFP pluggable optical modules.  These modules are “designed to support different rates, protocols and link lengths over different media types, including both multimode and single mode fiber.”  The CFP pluggable optical modules will be designed especially for 40G and 100 Gbps applications, including Ethernet.  

Overall, not only will this new interface provide service providers with more efficient operations and help combat the growing advances in communications and services, but the Junoper 100 Gigabit Ethernet interface will be available at a price less than 10 Gigabit Ethernet router ports.  In this respect, it seems as though Juniper is targeting the market by being the first company to launch a new product and enhancing their product by offering it at a lower price than the competition.  Although this new product seems to provide all new and better capabilities, its true ability will be unknown until it is released.  

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  1. These Juniper TI600s sound legitimate. It's remarkable how fast internet connections are not and how far the internet has come since the days of AOL dial up connections. This sounds like the new jump to being even better and faster.