Sunday, June 21, 2009

IBM Project Big Green

On May 10th IBM announced it will be spending over one billion dollars to increase IT energy efficiency for both itself and its clients. IBM also announced that they will be spending 86 million for the expansion of IBM headquarters in Bolder, CO. This expansion involves numerous additions such as the application of storage virtualization software, energy efficient power, and cooling systems. Vice president Rich Lenchner hopes to double its data center capacity by 2010 without increasing energy cost or carbon emissions. He claims this is about company growth and doing so in an eco-friendly way.

Its good to hear a vice president speak about the environment and reassuring to know that a company like IBM really cares about it. Big corporations like IBM need to be weary of the effects they have on the environment. Not like IBM directly impacts the eco system like an automobile or paper company would, but just the notion that they are taking steps to reduce emissions and energy cost tell us alot about the company's values. Finding new technologies that can be both safe for the environment and assits in a company's growth need to be a continuous trend. Creating innovative ways to protect the environment is a upcoming market for IT professionals. In conclusion, what IBM has invested into making their business more "green" will both save money and save face in the public perspective.

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