Monday, June 8, 2009

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Biometric tethering to mobile devices will not only prevent theft of devices but, will also act as a deterrent to criminals. In the past couple of years the biometric security system has been used to prevent the improper use of mobile phones, PDAs and notebook computers. The new IST technology prevents the use of unauthorized use of audio, text or images file by having the user digitally sign in. This is the first biometrical security system that process all the important information on the SIM card. The only person that can accessthe SIM card is the original user of the device.

As the technical coordinator Roberto Ricci said "Rather than relying on something you possess – you can forget a PIN code or write it down and lose it – biometric security relies on what you are". As Roberto Rici said people very often forget their PIN code and then have a lot of troubles accessing the phone while issue will never occur using the biometric security system. The other advantage of the biometric system is the high quality security in case of lost or stolen phone. In many cases the phone would not be stolen because the potential thief would not be able to use it or access any data. The only disadvantage of the biometric system is that even if the owner of the phone gave the permission of using the phone to someone that would not be possible because the biometric security system recognizes only the authentic owner.

Biometric system has advantages and disadvantages like every other system or device but it's a great invention that is going to improve the mobile security and reduce the unauthorize use of mobile devices. In my opinion the biometric system is going to benefit mostly adults and business people while it's not going to be good for younger kids. The reason is that the kids like to share phones with their friends to play games, listen to music and surf the web.


  1. This is a really cool idea. I always lose my swipe or have trouble remembering my pin number, so having this device would be very helpful. Hopefully its not too expensive because I think all businesses and people in general would benefit from it.

  2. I agree that this is a good idea, but the way phones and PDA's have almost morphed into one entity I don't know how exactly they could keep them from being used in an unauthorized way. What functions are these super phones actually going to be authorized to do? This just seems like it may prevent phones from working up to the potential that companies have been working to create.