Wednesday, June 10, 2009

NYPD looking at futuristic weapons technology

Cops shooting other cops. When you hear about a shooting and realize that two cops ended up shooting at each other because they didn’t know any better, you just ask your self how something like this could happen. With the introduction of futuristic weapons into the police force we could cut down on the number of avoidable police deaths.
In the article “NYPD looking at futuristic weapons technology” the New York police department is looking into a technology that will allow one officers gun to recognize another officers gun regardless of whether they are in a gun fight or at their desk. The NYPD is currently in talks with the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory on the possibility of adapting a technology like this. In order to adapt this technology officers guns would be implanted with a chip that would send a signal to another gun. In the article they give an incident that did not turn out very well for the NYPD. “On May 28 Officer Omar Edwards was chasing a burglary suspect with his weapon drawn when other officers in street clothes came across the scene. Edwards was fatally shot by an officer.”
In my opinion I believe this technology could be very successful in doing its job. The only thing I would change would be to install the chip into every police officers gun in the United States because why just protect cops in New York from friendly fire when you can protect all of them, I say we should have New York as the test dummy and then if it ends up working, then apply it to every Police Unit in the United States. My only concern with this new technology though is how expensive is it going to be and would they collect the entire police forces fire arms to upgrade them with the chip or are they going to issue everyone a new fire arm with the chip already in it?


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